Odens Cold Dry [English text]

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Odens Cold Dry [English text]

Odens Cold Extreme White Dry Portion

Let us talk today about one of the most popular Snus in Switzerland: Odens Cold dry. It is sitting now strong in the second position in popularity in Switzerland only after the mighty Siberia Red Snus.

The Swedish Cold Extreme White Dry from Odens is very popular in Finland and Norway and growing rapidly as mention before in popularity in Switzerland - it is
strong, but also relatively inexpensive and invites with its enormous variety in flavor components for an exciting excursion into the world of snus. If you haven't tried Odens Cold Dry and prefer other Snus brands, we just want you to invite to try Odens Cold Dry as well.

The mighty spearmint is definitely in the foreground with its sharpness - it smells and tastes a little bit sweet, but not overly so. In addition, you may become an initially
feel a short burning sensation, which soon subsides, because enjoying this snus is much more present pleasant cooling effect of mint.

odens cold dry snus

The 13 "regular-size" portions in the can are very soft, although they are kept fairly dry. This guarantees a very strong and long-lasting nicotine experience, as the Cold
Extreme slowly developed its taste and nicotine kick. It takes about 15 minutes to you feel something: So if you are looking for a long and intense kick, you are in the right place! Be aware, if you are new into Snus world, do not keep it longer than 5 minutes under your lips.

The Odens Cold Extreme White Dry makes one with the mild sweetness of its mint excellent snus companions and you will surely get there by the quality of the warm mint oils.

This very minty and reserved sweet type from Odens is more than recommended!

You can buy this snus here: Odens Cold Extreme White Dry Snus.

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