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ONE Snus


One Snus is one of the evolved traditional Swedish nicotine product. Preserving the original heritage of Snusklassisker General and Göteborgs Rapé, superior series is brought for the Scandinavian and Swiss Snus markets. An alliance between the Swedish Match and Alexander Gustafsson resulted in the development of One series.

Apart from the flavours ONE BLÅ (blue), ONE SVART (black), ONE VIT (white), now the extraordinary ONE GUL (yellow) and ONE GRÖN (green) are introduced by One Snus. One Snus offers superior quality snus -  the safer alternative to cigarette nicotine, to be enjoyed by consumers. They aim for boosted public health living in a smoke-free atmosphere. The innovativeness of the product is focused to serve the satisfaction of snusers.

One blue snus


The family of initially three snus flavours have now grown to five special flavours. The refined products have thinner paper and improved nicotine release are catering to the market of tobacco chewers. Now with attractive new flavours, there are available in new large portions sachets to accommodate newer tobacco base. The restart of One Snus has gained the epitome in the niche market of chewing tobacco, even increasing their horizons.

One Snus

  • The ONE Blå White Snus portion has a light and spicy tobacco flavour with an additional essence of lavender and juniper. The hints of wood and citrus fruits can be sensed on this Gothenburg's rapé inspired snus. The strong with thinner paper has a distinct touch to it with about 12mg/g nicotine content.
  • The ONE Svart Original Snus Portion has a much spicier and darker tobacco essence has a strong flavour of juniper. It has a significant taste of bergamot and citrus character taking the snuser closer to the feel of snus. With a nicotine content of 13mg/g, this strong One Svart is inspired by General Snus with a hint of tea and leather.
  • The ONE Vit White Portion Snus with lesser crisp tobacco flavour is inspired by the revered General One White. The classic snus has a rich aroma with additions of tea, cities and bergamot accents. The signature, crisp snus has 12mg/g nicotine content and old addition to the new One series.
  • The new ONE Gul White Portion Snus has a nicotine content of 12mg/g with a signature flavour of orange and herbs. The spicy and light tobacco is inspired by the classic snus brand General. With lighter paper, the feel of snus is enhanced and elements of yuzu can be tasted.
  • The ONE Grön White Portion Snus is another addition to the One series inspired by the inspired by Gothenburg's rapé snus. With a strong and crisp tobacco flavour, this snus has 12mg/g nicotine content. Clear essence of rosemary, berries and spruce hints can be experienced, adding to the character of the tobacco.

One White Snus

The newer and improved additions to the One snus family are being admired by newer snusers for the exotic characters. With the hope of making a positive impact on society, One is bringing an alternative to tobacco smokers for consuming nicotine. They are striving to refine and reach masses with exceptional and healthy alternatives of nicotine for recreational uses. 

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