Snus advantages against smoking

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Snus advantages against smoking

6 Advantages of using snus against cigarettes


What if you quit smoking cigarettes and start using smokeless tobacco instead? Would that be less harmful or any safer than smoking? In recent decades, the tobacco industry has been actively developing tobacco products that are less harmful than cigarettes. Snus is the form of smokeless snuff tobacco that is commonly used in Sweden. When compared to cigarettes, using snus is less dangerous. That is because it is smokeless and it reduces the risk of developing cancer and other cigarette or tobacco-related illnesses.

In Sweden, the sales of snus have increased, whereas, the sales of cigarettes have drastically decreased. Currently, Sweden smokes the least when compared to other European countries as they prefer snus instead. It is also claimed by Sweden that it is helpful in improving public health. Let’s have a look at all the benefits that snus has to offer over the use of cigarettes.

Snus is getting more and more popular in Switzerland and other countries where it is allowed to sell it as well. 


What is snus?


Snus is a form of moist powdered and pasteurized tobacco which either comes loose or in the form of a sachet. It is held between lips and gums. It is smokeless tobacco that originated in Sweden in the early 18th century and Swedish claims to be using it since the 16th century. Snus was first used to save tobacco and it also helped in reducing the smoking rates in the country. The people of Sweden also have drastically reduced their chances of cancer. Moreover, Swedish men have the lowest rate of oral and lung cancer in Europe. Snus also does not contain any dangerous combustion products that are found in cigarettes. It also helps smokers in quitting smoking. Therefore, this smokeless tobacco is the better option to prefer.

Is snus the right and safer alternative to cigarettes? Here are all the advantages of using snus against cigarettes and why you should prefer snus if you are trying to get rid of your smoking habits.


  1. Reduces the risk of cancer

It is a well-known fact that smoking cigarettes cause oral and lung cancer. Cancer is a disease in which the cells of the body start diving abnormally. However, with the use of snus, the risk of cancer is reduced. The risk associated with snus is from little to zero. Swedish men are the main consumers of snus and they have the lowest rate of cancer in the European Union. Users of snus are 90% less likely to get oral and lung cancer. Therefore, to significantly reduce the risk of cancer in smokers, they must shift from cigarettes to snus. However, it will not eliminate the risk of cancer, and there are still chances for the development of oral and lung cancer even with the use of smokeless tobacco.


  1. Safer than cigarettes

Snus may contain substances like nicotine which are addictive, but they are not as lethal as cigarettes as there is no combustion. They are pouches filled with tobacco that is supposed to be kept between teeth and lips. Their use does not involve any smoke that may help in the improvement of public health. As per the European Smokeless Tobacco Council, a trade industry research organization, Swedish people consume an equal amount of tobacco in the form of snus as the rest of the European Union, however, they smoke less and that is why they suffer less tobacco and smoking-related health issues and deaths as a result.


  1. Can help in quitting smoking

Smokeless tobacco has helped individuals is shifting away from their cigarette smoking habits in Sweden and Norway. Many smokers even use it to get away from cigarettes. That is because it has a higher rate of success than any other replacement product of pharmaceutical nicotine. Around 11% of the population of Sweden smokes which is the lowest rate among European countries. This suggests that if you are trying to get away from cigarettes, then you should probably go for this less dangerous tobacco product. However, as snus contains nicotine, it is addictive, therefore, it must be used with proper dosage only.


  1. Oral benefits

Smoking increases the building up plaque and tartar on the teeth. It also increases the loss of bone within the jaw, ultimately leading to the development of gum disease and tooth loss. However, the use of snus has no such risks as it is a moist snuff with no sugar added and does not create any smoke. Smokeless tobacco also protects from cavities as it stimulates the production of saliva. Moreover, smokeless products have an alkaline pH which may be favorable for remineralization of the tooth surfaces and the inhibition of the cavity-forming bacteria. That is why using snus is a better option than cigarettes and tobacco as it has oral benefits as well.


  1. Less nicotine

Earlier, snus had the same levels of nicotine as cigarettes. But now, new snus products are being delivered that have much less nicotine. According to this, snus is lesser harmful and lesser addictive than cigarettes. However, this might not be true with all the smokeless tobacco producing companies.


  1. It is pasteurized

Snus is pasteurized which kills off nitrites (nitrogen and oxygen chemical compounds) and TSNAs (tobacco-specific nitrosamines). TSNAs have been correlated with the oral cavity, cancers of the lung, and mouth from cigarettes. That is why this smokeless tobacco is considered a safer alternative to cigarettes and tobacco.


Snus is smokeless tobacco and the best alternative for cigarettes. People who are trying to quit smoking can start preferring snus as it has helped many individuals to quit cigarettes. It also reduces the risk of oral and mouth cancer. It has various oral benefits as well that protect the teeth from developing cavities, plaque, and tartar. Smoking in comparison is very dangerous as it increases the risk of cancer and develops plaque and tartar in teeth. Moreover, as tobacco is chewed and is coated with sugar, it causes cavities. Therefore, to be on the safer side, smokers should shift to smokeless tobacco.

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