Smokeless Switzerland

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Smokeless Switzerland

Snus in Switzerland

It is hard to remember Switzerland now when it was allowed to smoke in the restaurants, shops and even airplanes? Can you imagine that? Such concept now seems completely crazy.

Do you remember how all the restaurants were full of smoke or people strolling around in a shop with little kids were keeping a cigarette in another hand?

Now a lot has changed, but still, it is pretty much impossible to have a walk in Zürich, Basel, Geneva or even Grindelwald and not to smell the smoke. Some peole like it, some people hate it and we even don't want to start jumping into the difficult topic of passive smoking. There are many disadvantages of smoking cigarettes and that often affects other people, your friends, family and colleagues.

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Now smoking is getting more and more limited in Switzerland, for example in Basel train station you can not smoke where you want, smokers get designated places now. It gets stricter, and guess what, it will get even more strict.

Smokeless Switzerland

But what about Snus? Well, that is a different story. No Snus user affect their surrounding. No smokes, no bad smell, nothing. Snus users are much more environment friendly: remember that quite many people still, to this day, throw buds where ever they wish and that distorts city streets cleanliness as well as city parks.

Snus is probably one of the most friendly and easy ways to use tobacco or nicotin. You don't need a lighter, you don't need to ask if anyone minds if you light a cigarette, you are not surrounded by smelly smokes. Snus users keep it all to themselves. And forget about the unrecyclable cig buds

Snus is getting more and more popular in Switzerland and even many ice hockey players, football players or boxers are using it, so they do not destroy their lungs and that doesn't affect they fitness levels.

Snuskingdom goal

Our goal is pretty simple: make Switzerland smoke free. Make Switzerland smokeless. If you are a heavy smoker and are looking for a way to quit, Snus may be one of the easiest way to do it. You still are going to get your daily dosis of tobacco, but at the same time you will save your lungs and your health will improve. One of the best Snus for you would be Siberia Red - as it has higher tobacco level and that would give you the easiest transition.

If you are a light smoker, you should try maybe White snus - it has no tobacco, just nicotin. Or try some lower tobacco level Snus.

As we say in 2020 - actions instead of words. Quit smoking.

If you need any help choosing your best Snus or any other related topic regarding quitting smoking, please let us know, we will be happy to help you.



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