Swedish Snus

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Swedish Snus

Swedish snus is considered to be the best in the world and there is a reason for that: Sweden has invented Snus and has the longest traditions of Snus production.

Sweden has introduced Snus to many other countries as a better and healthier alternative to smoking and it is gaining its ground from 19th century to now. More and more people use snus in Switzerland, Europe and all the world around as it is much environment friendly option which doesn't harm others and is definitely a better option for snuser as well.

Sweden has begun first with snuff, a dry tobacco which you can sniff through the nose, but later on, in the 18th century the moist tobacco was started to use and become even more popular than snuff itself.

The first known Swedish snus brand in the world was registered back in 1822 and is called Ettan. That is the most original Snus producer in the world.

Let us dive in into the world of snus and discover Swedish snus brands.

Ettan Snus

The snus recipe was made by Mr. Jacob Fredrik Ljunglöf.

He had a lot of experience with tobacco products as he himself was working from the age of 14 in tobacco factory. 

Ettan Snus

In the early 19th century, as Mr. Jacob Fredrik Ljunglöf has started making Snus, tobacco was typically kept at higher temperatures for up to six months, before becoming good for use snus. But that was too long, and he tried to find better ways to make it faster and contacted his friend chemist Jacob Berzelius who found a way to make snus in a matter of weeks with tobacco, salt water and potash. Since then is the way how snus is mainly made.

It is extremely important to have the highest quality tobacco for production.

As Mr. Ljunglöf has died, his son took over the business and expanded it to big business and he became one of the wealthiest persons in Sweden. He was extremely careful about the quality of his snus as he checked it every morning in his own office.

Till now Ettan is one of the most popular brands in Sweden and still pretty popular and appreciated by snuses all around the world.

One Ettan snus we can really recommend is Ettan Original - great taste, quite strong, perfect for Snus history lovers: Ettan Original Snus.

Göteborgs Rape

It is pretty easy to guess from where Göteborgs Rape snus comes: from one of the biggest and charming Swedish cities - Gothenburg.

Gothenburg Rapé has been around in Snus world since 1919 and is one of our most recognized Snus brands today.

The Snus was widely popular amongst hard working sailors and there was even a saying: "The mood of a sailor is as good as the quality of his snuff"

Swedish sailors collected different ingredients during their long and exhausting sea journeys on the world oceans, which then resulted in snus mixes that also spread ashore.

One of these sailor mixtures was the origin of Göteborgs Rapé, which got its name when Swedish The tobacco monopoly took over all snus manufacturing in Sweden in 1915 (they even took over the Ettan factory from Mr. Ljunglöf). It was not until 1919 thatGöteborgs Rapé was registered as a separate brand in Sweden.

"Rapé" is a French word which means"grated" - something that the tobacco in the snus was right from the early beginnings.

Göteborgs Rapé has always invested heavily into new techonologies fort their snus and back in the 1990s, for example, Göteborgs Rapé became the first snus producer wich packed in snus white portions, the format we today call White. Now pretty much every snus producer has white portions: from Skruf Snus to Siberia Snus, Odens Snus and General Snus.

The most famous Göteborgs White snus is: Göteborgs Rapé White Large.

General Snus

General Snus was established back in 1866, but it could be said that the General Snus story began even four years already earlier. Snus producer Johan A Boman's goal was to produce what he called "the perfect snus" and he tried to make it for 4 years. He traveled all around the world in a hope to find the best tobacco leaves for his snus and began experimenting with different combinations and mixtures. The result was a tobacco blend of 22 different tobacco grades, with a bit of bergamot oil added to the recipe.

What gives General Snus its final touch and exceptional taste is a drop of bergamot oil - the bergamot is a citrus fruit which grows mainly in Italy and northern Africa. Following Johan A Boman's instructions, only the finest parts of the tobacco plant are used, the stalk is avoided and the tobacco was dried in direct sunlight.

Even till this day only a few people are familiar with Boman's original recipe from 1866.

Later to the family of General Snus came G.4 line - white snus with the same kind of texture and feel as traditional white snus, but without any trace of tobacco taste. If you would like to try a snus with a clear whiskey flavor, there is also General Mackmyra, flavored with Mackmyra's Swedish malt whiskey Swedish Oak.

Other Swedish Snus brands

Later on, following the long traditions of the founding snus fathers, many more great Snus brands were developed: Siberia, Odens and many others.

These days, especially in Switzerland, the new brands as before mentioned Siberia and Odens are wildly popular.

Siberia snus has the name of being the worlds strongest snus. It has a great taste and high level of nicotin in its pouches.

Odens Extreme Cold Dry is as well a very popular amongst Swiss people.

Swedish Snus in the future

Although quite many other producers from Denmark, Norway and even Russia try to enter the market of Snus, Swedish Snus will keep its grounds for the long time in the future.

These days even more healthy options as Snus without tobacco are produced and knowing the fact that many people are looking for easier options to quit smoking, we believe that Snus has a bright future.

We in Snuskingdom believe in a smokeless future and will do our best to help you in both: quitting smoking or choosing your best snus brand.



Snuskingdom Team