Top 5 Snus you must try in 2020

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Top 5 Snus you must try in 2020

We have done a survey of customers and one of the questions was like this: how often do you try new Snus brands?

The answers were quite surprising but expected: biggest majority of people said that they never try new brands or IF they try, just only once a year.

Meaning that most snusers are very loyal, but why not to try something new? Maybe you will discover new tastes and experiences with other snus brands.

Let us discover our top 5 Snus we recommend you to try in 2020.

Shiro Snus

Shiro came very strong this year into Switzerland and is getting more and more popular.

Shiro means White in Japanese, so that means that Shiro is white snus.

Shiro offers Cool mint and Fresh Mint Snus for you.

Shiro Cool Mint snus is for more experienced snusers and is a bit stronger than Fresh Mint. Both of them have a very nice and subtle mint taste. 

Everyone who likes white snus and mint taste, should try Shiro Snus.

Here you can find our Shiro Snus: Shiro Snus.

Al Capone Snus

It is a new mini snus which offers 4 different tastes for snusers.

Al Capone has a pretty unusual packaging for Snus: a mini square box which is even more comfortable to carry around.

And the name of snus itself reminds of old New York times, doesn't it?

The taste we like the most is Vanilla one: sweet and easy.

But you can choose from these tastes: Chocolate, Mint, Vanilla and Berry.

Our Al Capone Snus you can find here: Al Capone Snus.

G4 Deep Freeze White Slim Snus

G4 Deep Freeze White snus is yet another addition to General Snus family.

It is a pretty strong White slim Snus which has a refreshing mint taste.

This Slim Snus has 16,8 gramms of Tabaco in the can, so that is perfect for snus users.

You can find this Snus here: G4 Deep Freeze White Slim Snus.

Röda Lacket Lose Snus

We know that portion snus and slim snus is overtaking the world of Snus, but why not to come back to basics in 2020?

Röda Lacket is a legendary Snus from Sweden with great taste and big amount of nikotin for snusers who like strong snus.

By the way, if you hate to put lose snus on your gums, you can use a snus paper: that is a very popular among our clients who use Makla Rouge snus. 

That is much more convenient.

You can get Röda snus here: Röda Lacket Snus.

Skruf Snus

Skruf Snus is quite young in a family of 100 year old Snus brands, but nonetheless it is a great snus brand.

It is getting wildly popular in Germany and Switzerland.

Skruf was born in the homeland of Snus in Sweden in 2003, but in 17 years they managed to make huge variety of great snus. 

Everyone can find something for their taste in Skruf family: from crannberry to mint, from lose snus to white slim snus.

If you haven't tried something new in 2020, Skruf can be a great choice.

You can find all Skruf family snus here: Skruf Snus.


If you are willing to try some new snus and not sure which one to try, just let us know, we will do our best to advice you. You can always contact us at: [email protected]

We deliver snus worldwide and hopefully we can be your best friend in smokeless world.

Snuskingdom Team