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Bulldog Snus is a newly introduced white category snus of GN Tobacco Sweden AB. The Bulldog Snus is a nearly all-white quality has a minimum of tobacco. The excellent product line is an addition to the various snus and tobacco of GN Tobacco. The Bulldog snus gives the consumers to try out a new variant with new strength and flavour, other than Oden’s, Olde Ving, Lenny and Islay Whiskey. It is a powerful blend of tobacco and has an overall, rounded flavour.


Specifications and review

One can of Bulldog Snus has 20g of snus with 20-1g portions. The nicotine content is 22mg/g that is around 2.2%. The experience of the unmoistened snus portion bags is extremely strong. The chewing portion bags hold the special flavours well with the less runny texture.  It is a classic, spicy  Swedish snus that gives exhilarating feeling behind the lips.

The Bulldog snus line of GN Tobacco is quite different from the nicotine pouches of White fox line. Instead of the white nicotine, the Bulldog snus has white tobacco snus with great character. The flavour is quite stronger than regular nicotine levels and gives an average lasting of about 45 minutes. It is an all-white product of GNT which holds the traditional Swedish style of snus with this classic taste. Tobacco is the only listed ingredient of the Bull dog Canvas Cold Extreme White Portion snus can, plant fibres are absent. The product has a pleasant quality and is reasonably priced.  The large-sized snus holds moisture of 25% so it runs less and holds the aroma.

Bulldog Snus has two flavours to enhance the traditional Swedish snus. The red coloured can Bull dog canvas Extreme White Portion has a strong and excellent blended hint of citrus and bergamot with peppery tones. The classic, spicy tobacco flavour has an all-round aroma which feels very delicate and bright. The pink coloured can of Bulldog Snus is much clearer and crisper with mint -oils. The fresh touch of minty tones to the Swedish suns is quite versatile and enriched. Both of the versions of the Bulldog Snus are distinct and enhance the quality and character of the traditional white snus.


Snus safer than smoking

The Bulldog snus is relatively safe for consumption than cigarettes to get the nicotine hit. It is washed and the grounded tobacco is pasteurized through a sensing process for the neat white colour of snus. The late portion is quite comfortable to slip between gums and teeth to absorb the nicotine. The flavour stays for long and is refreshing with less runny liquid. The potential risks from the snus are much less pronounced than smoking and other tobacco products. The lowered harm from the absence of toxins and the second-hand smoking effect is a good advertising vantage. The product is good to quit smoking and cancel out the withdrawal symptoms with nicotine delivery. 


Why prefer snus over cigarettes?

Bulldog snus has a much thinner paper to hold out the essence and give the feeling of nicotine absorption closely. The aroma and essence seep slowly through the mucus membrane. The nicotine delivery is much better than cigarettes along with the absorption rate. The higher nicotine content is also recommendable for the effect. It brings a viable alternative to smokers who are not looking to quit nicotine and tobacco addiction. There is no imminent threat of cardiovascular or pulmonary disorders with Bulldog snus.



Overall Bulldog snus is very commendable snus by GN Tobacco to launch the white Swedish snus among their prominent nicotine punches. The non-burn snus is great to enjoy and experience with its enticing flavour and original texture.

If you have any questions about Bull dog Snus, please let us know, we would be happy to help you.

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