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Per Dose Snus we take over the transport costs of Sweden, customs clearance, customs, tobacco and VAT in Switzerland.

With the purchase of 20 cans, these costs amount to almost CHF 4 per can. If you now compare with foreign snus stores count the CHF 4.- per box at the foreign shops. Only then is a real price comparison correct. We guarantee top price and Topabwicklung.


We declare each shipment for you, so there are no additional customs clearance costs.
In addition, we deduct the Swiss VAT directly and pay the Swiss tobacco tax. This will not result in additional invoices for customs clearance.

What is snus?

Snus is smokeless powder made from air-dried tobacco. The Snus is originally from Sweden and is available loose and in small bags, the further "portion snus" and it is placed between the gums and the upper lip in your mouth.

As a result of oral use, no pollutants are released that would normally arise from tobacco combustion. Therefore, snusing is generally considered to be far less harmful to health.

Tobacco naturally contains nicotine, which is absorbed through the oral mucosa when enjoying snus. The salt is added to the snus to maintain the pH in the mouth, which has a positive effect on nicotine intake. Nicotine and flavorings are released with the saliva and develop in the course of a few minutes up to an hour after snus use.

The loose form of the snus is a moist powder that is available in 50 or 42 gram cans. It is kneaded into small bales manually or with various aids. This form of snus consumption has remained very popularl to this day especially in Sweden and Norway. The very popular "portion snus", on the other hand, is the preferred variant for many snus lovers in Switzerland, since the portions are packed safely and comfortably. The packages consisting of eucalyptus and pine fibers or cellulose fibers can be easily removed when the effect has subsided. They are available in different sizes and shapes: Whether slim, normal, long cut or long slim - you choose between "white" and "original" portions.

The "white" portions are dry sachets that contain the moist snus. They prevent too much moisture from being released during consumption. In contrast, the snus is dry with "white-dry" portions and the sachet can therefore generally sit longer under the lip. In "original" portions, both packets and snus are moist.

One of the most popular flavors of snus is peppermint - but there are also mint-free products to which natural flavors such as red berries or honey are added. The nicotine content and the duration of the release of the flavoring substances vary between 15 minutes and about one and a half hour.

The snus cans made of plastic or metal offer with their double lid, a double lid, the possibility to store the used snus bags comfortably on the way before they can be disposed of later (maybe at work, on the plane, in a party - no need to run to recycle bin). Since nicotine intake in snus is more effective than when using cigarettes, dizziness or nausea often occur when used for the first time. Be aware first time snusers not to keep it longer than 5 minutes under your lip. For the first time 2-3 minutes is good. Therefore, mild snus varieties are a good option to get used to this fine luxury food. Most types of snus are stored in the refrigerator at around seven to eight degrees to preserve the flavors. A relatively new variant, the White Fox snus, is a tobacco-free product that contains nicotine extracted from tobacco. This snus can be stored at room temperature.

The most popular Snus in Switzerland is for sure Siberia Red snus and Odens White snus. These are pretty strong snus brands with higher tobacco content.

The most popular white snus (meaning with no tobacco) are Shiro and Skruf Snus. These are perfect for people who do not want to use tobacco.

If you have any questions about Snus, Snus brands, Snus portions, Snus sizes - please let us know and we will be happy to help you.