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Odens Cold Extreme White Portion

The Cold Extreme White by Oden’s is the first white version of the series and should not be confused with the much more common White Dry portions. This snus from the manufacturer GN Tobacco amazes with its extremely natural mint aroma and thus stands out from the numerous available mint products. The taste is spearmint, the sachets are soft and pleasantly moist. Mint spreads pleasantly in its low sweetness and delicacy when consumed.

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Odens Cold Extreme White Portion
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The white portions appeared on the market in 1998: In contrast to "original" snus, the sachets are not moistened during manufacture and therefore drip less when enjoyed. They contain mostly tobacco, but the surface of the packets is dryer, which leads to a slower release of taste and nicotine.

The Oden’s Cold Extreme White is very popular among consumers of stronger snus varieties - its nicotine content is an impressive 22mg / g. Due to its popularity, it is actually for many of the entry-level snus, but it should not be seen as such and is recommended for the more experienced snus connoisseur. The mint content plays a dominant, spicy tobacco note. The "Extreme" variations of the Oden’s were the first snus with a nicotine content of 22mg / g on the market and are therefore, after the much more intense Siberias, one of the extra strong snus products from GNT. The Oden’s series is still growing and its recipes and production methods are constantly being developed.

The manufacturer GNT decided to make the portions a little smaller, to deliver fewer portions per can and in some cases the tobacco moisture was also reduced. Ultimately, however, this leads to an astonishingly good price for a fabulously high quality product.

GN Tobacco was founded in 2004 under the name SNUSAB AB and in 2007 signed a distribution agreement with the US company Liggett Vector Group, which included GNTs snus in their portfolio. The manufacturer uses modern production methods and uses robotics, among other things, to support its careful quality controls. The Odens snus series is therefore part of the successful concept, which is based on the offer of quality and a good price.

Since the mint snus varieties are not for everyone, there is a recommendation: Oden's Lemon White Portion and Oden's Licorice White are exciting alternatives that are equipped with a little less nicotine (12mg / g) and are very suitable for regular consumption

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