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Siberia Red White Dry Portion

The Siberia White Dry is a powerful and strong portion snus with a very distinctive mint taste. The nicotine content is 43 mg / g, which is more than five times as high as that of normal strength snus (8 mg / g). This snus is not recommended if you are sensitive to nicotine!

This portion snus - supplied in a noble metal tin - consists of dry portion bags with a lower moisture content, so that it hardly drips. A unique taste experience!

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Siberia Rot White Dry Portion
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You can find our Siberia Rot review here: Siberia Red Snus.

The red Siberia or Siberia -80 Degrees Extremely Strong White Dry is one of the strongest snus varieties available on the market. It has a refreshing mint flavor and comes with an incredible 43 milligrams of nicotine per gram of tobacco, which is equivalent to about five normal 8mg / g servings. In its Siberia series, the manufacturer GN Tobacco has been inspired by the harsh, extreme climate zone of the Russian region of Siberia, which is reflected in the strong minty-spicy taste and the extremely high nicotine content.

The regular sized sachets of this Siberia are softer and fluffier than conventional portions of this type. Since they are dry portions, they also lose little moisture. The intense portions are characterized by their distinctive, pungent taste, which very often causes a typical tingling sensation.

The biting-refreshing mint is released extremely quickly, but a short delay is to be expected, since White Drys does not immediately release the taste and nicotine due to the retention of excessive moisture. In the red Siberia there are tastes of dark, full tobacco varieties, which mixed with spearmint bring a balanced play of accents for the experienced snus connoisseur.

This snus is definitely not for novice snus and should best be used after a meal and only occasionally as the nicotine kick wears off with regular use. GN Tobacco is generally an excellent address for extremely strong snus, since the producer seems to have specialized in producing particularly intense snus products.

GNT offers its snus and chewing tobacco at relatively affordable prices, not least because of its efficient production method. In the production of snus, the company relies on the use of robotics and other high-tech in order to meet its extremely strict quality requirements. Other products from GN Tobacco that convince with their excellent quality and good value for money are Oden’s Snus or WOW Snus - the range is extensive and varied in strength and taste variants.

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