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Epok Snus

epok snus

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  1. Epok Mint Mini Snus
    Epok Mint Mini
  2. Epok Easy Mint Snus
    Epok Easy Mint Mini
  3. Epok Tropic Gold Mini
    Epok Tropic Gold Mini
  4. Epok Wild Purple Mini Snus
    Epok Wild Purple Mini
  5. Epok X-Strong Wild Purple
    Epok X-Strong Wild Purple
  6. Epok Mint
    Epok Mint
  7. Epok Storm
    Epok Storm
  8. Epok X-Strong Freeze Slim
    Epok X-Strong Freeze Slim
  9. Epok Ice Cool
    Epok Ice Cool
  10. Epok X-Strong Tropic Gold
    Epok X-Strong Tropic Gold
  11. Epok Hurricane
    Epok Hurricane
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11 Items

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With the appearance of All White Snus, a new era in the snus industry has begun. Healthy lifestyle, sports, healthy nutrition and environmental protection - such trends have conquered the whole world and even influence the snus and tobacco industry. More and more snus users are looking for a snus that is free of tobacco, but gives a light and pleasant nicotine kick. Manufacturers should also pay attention to whether the production of their products is climate-friendly. Recently, a new player appeared on the snus field - Epok Snus, which was developed under the influence of all the above mentioned trends and immediately turned the snus world upside down. Even experienced snus connoisseurs fell in love with this white snus at first sight. But what is the secret of its success?

Snus Epok - the perfect balance and many different flavors

Epok is considered the first all-white snus with all-white tobacco and a wide range of different flavors. The Swedish company Winnington AB, also known as KickUp, introduced this innovative snus to the snus market. The idea of producing such innovative products was born when Winnington recognized the demand for snus products where health promotion and purity are the main focus. In doing so, Epok also breaks down the stereotype that real Swedish snus must be made exclusively from brown tobacco. 

The production of such an innovative product is like a real art and requires a lot of manual work. In order to achieve such white appearance of pouches, special environmentally friendly manufacturing processes are used: in several stages of production various undesirable substances are removed from tobacco. Therefore, this snus is completely white and teeth do not discolor during snusing. The white pouches of Epok Snus Nicotine remain white even after use, but you get the feeling of a traditional brown snus under the lip. The best part is that this manufacturer has managed to achieve a perfect balance of full-bodied taste, appropriate moisture and pouch size. 

As far as flavors are concerned, snusers have an incredibly wide range of different flavors at their disposal, especially when it comes to the slim format. The most popular flavors of Epok Snus in Switzerland are:

  • Epok Mint - the mixture of cool menthol and sweet mint;
  • Epok Tropic Gold - the tropical combination of mango, tangerines and passion fruit;
  • Epok Wild Purple - the taste of fresh red grapes.

Where to buy Epok snus online?

Do you want to taste these noble tastes and order Epok Snus? No problem! Just type Epok Snus Suisse into the search engine, find the Snuskingdom website and order the desired snus varieties online at fair prices. In a few days you will receive the tins of Epok Snus in a simple and modern design. At Snuskingdom it is very easy to buy your portion of pleasure.