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  1. Siberia Black Portion Slim
    Siberia Black Portion Slim
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  2. Siberia Red White Dry Portions 16g
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  3. Siberia Extremely black
    Siberia -80 Degrees Black Portion
  4. Siberia Red -80 Deg. Extreme White Dry Slim
    Siberia Red -80 Deg. Extreme Whit ...
  5. Siberia blue slim
    Siberia Blue -80 degrees white po ...
  6. Siberia Blue Snus
    Siberia Blue -80 degrees white po ...
  7. Siberia Brown Slim Snus
    Siberia Brown -80 Degrees White P ...
  8. Siberia Brown Snus
    Siberia Brown -80 Degrees White ...
  9. Siberia Rot Snus
    Siberia Red White Dry Portion
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Siberia Snus

The infamous Siberia series by the Swedish tobacco producer GN Tobacco is something special in many ways, but this ice-cold snus is probably best known for its extremely high nicotine content, which in the Siberia Red variant is an insane 43 milligrams of nicotine per gram of tobacco. So this is the undisputed peak for all hardcore snusers among you. GN Tobacco's Siberias were definitely inspired by the harsh, extreme climate zone of the Russian region of Siberia, which is reflected in the strong minty-spicy taste and the extremely high nicotine content. Siberia is therefore one of the most intense and strongest snus varieties in the world.

The Siberia -80 Degrees Red Portion and the Siberia -80 Degrees Extremely Strong White Dry, for example, transport snus enthusiasts with their refreshing spearmint aroma and an extraordinary nicotine kick to the overwhelmingly cold Russian wilderness. So please dress warmly!

The Siberia snus is mainly produced in slim portions and offers in this handy format the comfort of a discreet and comfortable enjoyment, while it is in no way inferior to the intensity of the "original portions". The spicy portions are characterized by their distinctive, pungent taste, which very often causes a typical tingling sensation. The biting and refreshing mint is released extremely quickly and we can no doubt expect a long-lasting snus experience.

In its thickness, the Siberia is recommended as the optimal energy booster for every now and then. But if you consider yourself a lightweight when it comes to snus, beware of it, because it doesn't hold back! But we have a solution: The Siberia -80 Degrees White Portion with its only (!) 24 mg / g is a very recommendable snus for everyone who is looking for a little more moderate options.

Every snus friend can surely preach to you how important the right material and the moisture content of a snus bag is for the pleasant enjoyment. The "originals" among the Siberias have a well-balanced moisture level - they are neither too dry nor too moist. The “white portions”, on the other hand, are just dry enough to prevent excessive dripping and prolong the release of the taste, but still moist enough to feel pleasantly soft under the lip. GN Tobacco did a very good job choosing and making the snus portions.

Well, the Siberia, which radiates energy sparks, comes as an extremely strong or regular version and is waiting for the daredevil devils among you.

Here you can find Siberia Red, Siberia Blue and Siberia Brown. Both: portions and slim.