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    Skruf Stark Portion #3
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    Skruf Original White #2
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    Skruf Strong Lös
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    Skruf Tranbär White
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Skruf Snus


Skruf was founded as a Swedish brand in 2003 by the three friends Adam, Jonas Engwall and Moe Unz and strives to give the modern snus connoisseur the best possible snus pleasure with high-quality premium products. Skruf focuses on the use of organically and ecologically sustainable tobacco and is available in a variety of flavors and strengths.

The Skruf brand has been part of Imperial Brands PLC, the British multinational tobacco manufacturer based in Bristol, UK, since 2008.

In 2011 the new, very handy and stylishly designed cans of the Skruf came out and only one year later the organic series of the Skruf was launched, which has an enthusiastic following, which attaches great importance to the natural flavors in Skruf's snus.

Skruf emerged from nowhere and challenged the snus market in Sweden and Norway to a duel. The brand wins not only because of its excellent can design, but above all because of the use of high-quality raw materials. The manufacturers recognized the urge of millions of smokers to switch to a less harmful, smoke-free alternative and are continuously working on new innovations today.


Skruf Super White


One of these new developments is the Skruf Super White, launched in 2018, a pioneer of the smoke and tobacco-free snus varieties. In these nicotine sachets, nicotine is added to a blend of plant fibers, eliminating the need for tobacco. This grandiose new snus variant is the least harmful option for the nicotine lover and many who have already tried it can confirm that they are in no way inferior to the conventional varieties. With an overwhelming number of positive feedback, you can definitely write the Skruf Super White on your snus wish list!

If you would like to stick to the conventional tobacco-containing Skrufs, you can try the great Skruf Slim Myntha White, for example. The aromatic portions of this snus actually contain 10 percent real, natural mint leaves - this makes it stand out from all other mint varieties with its unique taste. With the Slim Mynta White, Skruf has created a product that impresses with the use of 100% organically grown tobacco and a long-lasting aroma experience. The mild sweetness of this refreshing snus is very pleasantly balanced.

Skruf also thought of snus lovers, whose appetite is more for something fruity: the Skruf Cranberry White is a high-quality snus that is also made from organic tobacco.

The cranberry aroma of this snus is extremely mild, somewhat sweet and tart and is accompanied by a tasty tobacco note.


The manufacturer Skruf is known for its quality: So you can count on natural aroma and excellent tobacco. The sachets of the Skrufs also feel very pleasant, so you are welcome to enjoy our Skrufs.