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Growing Interest in Snus

The last decade has seen a great increase in interest towards snus, as an alternative to smoking. From major tobacco companies to individuals who switched - the investment and consumption of snus have exponentially raised. The lowered risks of contracting lung disease and harm from toxins produced by cigarettes resulted in the trend. The Swedish moist snuff has a limited number of harmful chemicals ensuing as an alternative for nicotine addicts. Though it is relatively safer than fire-cured tobacco, the health risks with long-term usage can't be ignored.

Scientific data and evidence

A possible reason can be the nicotine exposure from using snus, is much higher, than regular cigarettes.

But this alone does not ensure, the quitting of smoking easily as many, smokers are choosing snus when they can't light up. The traditional Swedish model of consuming snus lowered the rates of cardiovascular issues, compared to other European nations where snus is banned. Many records show a correlation between oral and pancreatic cancer with snus consumption. Nevertheless, concrete evidence showing possible higher risk with snus intake is not available. This is influencing the public to consider it a 'safer' alternative to smoking.

The better manufacturing

The process of making snus is quite meticulous and innovative.

Companies, both selling tobacco or cigarette are investing in developing better snus. Flavoured varieties, no-sting snus and products with different levels of nicotine are enamouring new tobacco consumers. The market is increasing due to the versatility of snus and the freshness, unlike the burning sensation while smoking. The nicotine delivery and absorption are much better, recommending snus among tobacco users. A lot of research is being put and the prices, availability through online websites is compelling public opinion. Excellent customer service and response from manufacturers along with the detailed process description has increased the faith of customers.

These can be a plausible impetus that is constantly boosting and retaining the snus market.


Convenience and originality

The consumption of snus is much effortless than smoking or any other tobacco products. There is no need to chew or spit, just tucking it between the gums and upper lips will hit the nicotine in the bloodstream. There is no discolouration of teeth and a freshness lingers. There is no browning of lips or coughing problems. The enhanced and satisfactory experience with snus intake leads to popular preference. The addiction from snus is high due to increased nicotine, but a safe and controlled from smoking is possible.

The snus producing brands have a strategy of exhibiting their original heritage from Swedish snus. The label of the authentic product for sophisticated use is associated alluring more people. Bulk buying of product and reduced risks reinforces the information towards snus.


Addictive nature and variety

The nicotine delivery and absorption rate are much higher than regular tobacco through cigarettes. This increases the nicotine intake levels, unattainable in other alternatives. The nitrosamines from tobacco and other added chemicals to enhance the essence of commercial snus is another reskin behind the popularity. The various portions, type like loose snus, packed in teabag like sachets are attractive to users. Original or white portions suiting the different choices of the large community of tobacco chewers. The sterk, or extra sterk and stronger portions with higher nicotine content going up to even 45mg/g are exciting.

The availability of versions like tobacco-free snus in pods or only nicotine pouches fascinates many users to prefer snus. 



The reasons behind the trend in increased sales of snus and the growing appreciation are manifold. But the apparent lack of acquiring health conditions is the flag bearer promoting snus. It shows a compelling picture to the consumers and tobacco users through its many advantages over smoking. The traditional market is also steady and the customer base is expanding, ultimately directing the change in the market.


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