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If you are new in the Snus world, you probably get a bit frustrated hearing all those words as: slim snus, portions snus, loose snus, white snus or even mini portion snus and dry snus, but do not worry. We are going to explain you everything in detail, so you will know what is the best for you and won't be lost in the future at all.

What is Snus?

If you are not familiar with snus at all, let me explain it to you very shortly.

Snus is mostly a moist powder smokeless tobacco product which people put under the upper lip, keep it for a few minutes (depending if you are a beginner or not) to get the rush of nicotine, so they don't have to smoke and destroy the lungs. That is a much healthier option which doesn't affect you as much, and definitely doesn't affect other people surrounding you.

So basically, snus is a smokeless tobacco product used via your mouth. 

It was invented in Sweden and this is why snus is wildly popular there. As well, Sweden has the lowest lung cancer numbers in EU. Just saying.

Snus is popular as well in Norway, USA and of course, Switzerland. It is used in China, Russia and other countries, but they are not as popular as here.

Snus is forbidden to sell in EU, basically because EU is protecting the local tobacco producers who sell cigarettes. So at the moment you can get snus just in the countries mentioned above.

But as we get deeper into Snus world, you will see that there are different kind of snus.

Loose Snus

This is probably the oldest kind of Snus originating back in the 16th century, but got much more popular in the 19th century.

Loose snus differs from portion snus the way that it is simply loose. Once you open the box, you are going to see all the snus loosely sitting there. So you can  grab as much as you want and stuff it under the lip.

Pros: you can get as much as you want. No limitation by portion. The nicotine kick may even be faster. As well, the taste will be much better felt.

Cons: you get a bit dirty hands and underlip. As well, you need to spit it, so it is not as comfortable as portion snus which you can simply take out.

Most popular Loose snus is: Makla Africaine, General Classic Loose, Röda Lacket.

Portion Snus

Portion Snus got popular a bit later and now is wildly used by snusers in Europe.

The best thing about it is: that you get 24 small portions of snus which you can comfortably take out later on and even put it under the lid of snus box (most boxes have double lid) even in work place or on a plane. That is much more comfortable for many people.

Now portion snus is the most popular snus in the world and there is huge variety of it. All other snus: slim snus, mini portion snus, white snus - is portion snus.

Pros: portion snus is much more easy to use, keep, dispose. You can take it easily from the snus can and maybe even keep some of different snus in one box as many snusers do. Note: if you buy more than 6 cans of snus on snuskingdom.ch you will get a seperate free cool metal snus can for your use. So you can just put some different snus and go to work, party, city.

Cons: portions are limited in size, so if you really like a lot of snus, you may need to use more pouches at once. As well, some of portion snus is pretty dry (especially if dry is mentioned in the name of snus) and if you like the moist snus, loose snus may be a better option for you.

Most popular portion snus: Siberia Red, Odens Cold Dry, Jakobssons, General snus.

Mini Portion Snus and Slim Snus

Mini Portion Snus and Slim Snus are pretty much the snus which is packed in smaller pouches. 

Mini portion: smaller in overal size, more square shape pouches.

Slim snus: it is as long as the normal portion snus, but slimmer.

This kind of snus is made for people who like smaller pouches under the lip and simply the big portions feel uncomfortable. This is the solution for you, if the big portion hurt your leep or you feel completely uncomfortable.

Pros: much smaller pouch sits much more comfortably under the lip. Big portion really lifts up the lip, so slim portion can even be heard to see if a person have. That is no joke, that many people in Sweden or Norway have snus under the lip even in business meetings, so the slim portion is the one which you can hardly see.

Cons: smaller portion - smaller amount of nicotine. If you like more nicotine, you will have to stuff much more under the lip. Better to go with regular size pouches for you.

Most popular Slim Snus: Odens Extreme White Cold Dry Slim, Siberia Red Slim.

White Snus

If portion snus overtook loose snus, it is very possible that white snus will overtake the normal snus. 

White snus is more dry and release the nicotine much slower. Most of white snus is white in color, but that is not a rule.

The nicotine kick comes later and the effect is a bit longer, so basically that is the preference of user.

Pros: you can use it longer and the kick is not as fast and strong as for original portion snus.

Cons: slower effect of nicotine can be unacceptable by some snusers.

Most popular white snus: Odens Cold Dry White Extreme, Göteborgs Rape White Large, Thunder X White Dry Portion.


If you have never used snus, I would highly suggest first trying few different kind of snus as you will find which feels the best in your mouth and which experience is the most comfortable.

Maybe you will join the old school of Loose snus, or maybe slim portions are more to your taste.

I must mention as well, that Snus are in many different tastes: from lemon to cola, so there is a lot to try and we hope  you can find your best one on your road to smokeless life.

If you have any questions about Snus, please let us know, we will do our best to help you.


Yours truly,

Snuskingdom team